Welcome to the Nation

We are a community who's roots are deeply seeded in the lifestyle that was born from extreme sports. NationExtreme was built by athletes, for athletes. We have no corporate sponsors who give us daily guidelines to follow or cliche things to say. You won't see fake profiles of legendary athletes on our site simply to keep you interested. This is a real community. We rep nothing but our passion.

As an extreme athlete, you probably understand the struggle. Growing up, you may have been laughed at or not taken seriously while you carried your skateboard into class or changed out of your wetsuit in the school parking lot. But why?

Society has a distorted view of extreme sports. Movies, TV shows, ad campaigns from corporations and several other outlets have given extreme sports a negative look. People look at us as street rats who stay jacked up on energy drinks all day while performing dangerous acts. People think we simply don't care about the repercussions of dangerous stunts and tricks.

Is that really who we are?

Some of the most noted extreme athletes give off that vibe. We respect these athletes, but we like to endorse those that have a high value in the roots and culture of what these sports are. What's behind the scenes is what society fails to see. They are blind to the motivation and dedication that goes into mastering an extreme sport. The actual definition of extreme is utmost or exceedingly great in degree. A character or kind farthest removed from the ordinary or average. We all know what athlete means. Put them both together.

The extreme sports community has started to get away from the word extreme for the exact same reasons stated above. We embrace the word extreme. It is, by definition, who we are.

What We Do

We are an extreme sports social network. NationExtreme is an online platform that gives extreme athletes, businesses and any others in the extreme sports community a place to upload your digital resume and show the world what you can do. We cater to those that are coming up and need that little push in the right direction to make the most out of their career.

As an athlete, you may want a place to get some serious feedback on your skill, gain a following, obtain sponsorships, land gigs and connect with other athletes in your area and around the world.

Connecting businesses in the extreme sports community to athletes is something we care deeply about. As we all know, businesses provide sponsorships. There are athletes out there who aren’t looking for sponsorships, but may want to see what their favorite shop is up to. Businesses on NationExtreme have profiles just like athletes and can connect with whoever they want. No limitations.

The extreme sports community isn’t just athletes and businesses. It’s made up of an entire society of people who are crucial in the growth of the extreme sports culture.

Photographers, directors, artists, musicians and other professions have played an enormous role in shaping the culture of extreme sports. NationExtreme offers a general user option for these professions.

We are a growing community who’s primary goals are to bring the extreme sports culture together. NationExtreme isn’t run by a room filled with business executives and people who know absolutely nothing about extreme sports. We’re run by people just like you, who focus on getting out there everyday and making it happen. We are a diverse team of athletes, photographers, artists and musicians who believe that bringing the extreme sports culture together will help steer us in the right direction.

We are a community. A movement. A culture. Welcome to NationExtreme!