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  • Linsheng,Ltd Linsheng Electromechanical Co , Ltd , Gun Drill: 3 Parts Linsheng Electrical Co , Ltd said: The standard gun drill is made up of high-precision silver welding and brazing combined with high-hardness silver welding and brazing of the blade and steel drive handle made of super hard tungsten steel drill blade and aerospace steel. Features are as follows:   Drill blade:   The cutting edge is a key part of the whole gun drill. Its unique and scientific combination structure guarantees the self-guided function while completing the cutting work. It can obtain a high-precision deep hole through one penetration, and the cutting edge has two basic degrees. We can choose the most appropriate combination according to the material and form of the workpiece to be cut, so that the work can better balance the cutting force and chip breaking, and transmit the cutting force to the support shoulder to ensure good straightness and coaxiality. The cutting edge has a small reverse taper and the diameter is slightly larger than the blade body, which can ensure that the drill body can rotate freely in the cutting hole without rubbing the cutting surface of the inner wall of the hole. According to different requirements, the blade has a single round hole and a kidney hole. The passages of the double circular holes are connected to the oil passage of the blade, and the high-pressure coolant can pass through the passage to the cutting point and carry the chips out of the workpiece.   Blade:   The blade body is made of special alloy steel for aerospace industry and is heat-treated. The blade body has a V-shaped groove of 110-120 degrees. The high-pressure cutting coolant passes through the drive handle and the oil hole of the blade body to reach the blade portion, and then exits the hole from the V-shaped groove, and the chip is removed. To ensure the straightness and concentricity of the cutting, the blade must have sufficient strength to provide the torque required for cutting under a small torsional deformation, and the blade must also have sufficient toughness to absorb the high-speed rotation of the blade. The vibration generated.   Drive handle:   The drive handle is manufactured in full compliance with the requirements of standard industrial processing methods. The neck of the blade is provided with a smooth arc-shaped groove for eliminating stress to avoid damage due to stress concentration. The driving handle is cylindrical, and the side surface is generally processed with two planes for the clamping sleeve to lock the entire bit body.
    November 12, 2018