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  • Aggisxjetl Eaton Char-Lynn Motor - Motor Oil: What Classification? In order to let the full understanding of the types and differences of lubricants, the Eaton Char-lynn Motor will be analyzed from the following three points.What is the main composition of the lubricant. First of all, what is the main composition of lubricating oil? For the time being, all finished lubricants are composed of base oils and additives, of which base oils account for 70% or even 90%; additives account for a few percent to three percent, forty percent. Different brands and different types of lubricants, not the more additives, the better the lubricant, this ratio is based on a large number of practical research and scientific ratio. Different base oils are mineral oil type and synthetic type, and most of them are mineral oil type; there are many kinds of additives, the main types are clean dispersant, anti-oxidant anti-corrosion agent, anti-wear agent, oil agent, anti-oxidation Agent, viscosity index improver, rust inhibitor, pour point depressant, antifoaming agent, and the like. The main classification of lubricants.In general, the automotive lubricants on the market are mainly divided into three categories: mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil and fully synthetic oil. First: mineral oil, in fact, it is a kind of lubricating oil extracted from the crude oil. It has a relatively low purity and is a mixture, so its manufacturing cost is relatively low. Naturally, its lubricating effect is compared. The other two types of oil are also relatively poor. Second: semi-synthetic oil, in fact, it uses the international three types of base oil as the basis, and then add some other ingredients inside, which is equivalent to the product produced by hydrogenation fission on the basis of crude oil, then its The lubrication effect is naturally better than mineral oil. Third: full synthetic oil, in fact, we can understand it as the oil blended with four types of and five types of base oil, and can be called full synthetic motor oil without the addition of mineral oil. It is a product of ethylene and propylene separated by gas and natural gas in crude oil, and then polymerized to form a macromolecule. Naturally, its oxidation resistance and wear resistance are better than the other two oils, but Its manufacturing cost is very high, so the price is relatively expensive. However, in fact, considering that the oil change cycle of the fully synthetic oil is longer than the other two, the cost does not actually increase for our car owners, but it is good for our car, so it is recommended that everyone use it. Synthetic motor oil. What are the main differences between them. Due to the simple manufacturing process and poor performance of mineral oil, it has been basically eliminated by the market, so we mainly discuss the difference between semi-synthetic motoroil and fully synthetic motor oil. Semi-synthetic motoroil and fully synthetic motor oil mainly have the following differences: 1 The base oil used is different (the synthetic motor oil is one grade higher than the semi-synthetic motoroil in the selection of the base oil); 2 The replacement cycle is different, the oil change cycle of semi-synthetic motoroil is shorter than that of fully synthetic motoroil (the oil change period of semi-synthetic motoroil is generally 5,000 km to 6000 km or about half a year, and the total synthetic oil is 8000 to 10000 km or about one year); 3 Applicable temperature, the excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability of fully synthetic motoroil are suitable for use under high temperature and harsh conditions; 4 Different additive content, more synthetic motor oil, less semi-synthetic motoroil (although the content of lubricating oil added according to different brands is different, but the total synthetic oil additive content is higher than semi-synthetic oil); 5 Fully synthetic motor oil can better protect the motor(good fluidity at low temperature, oil film thickness at high temperature to protect the motor, motorstop can still have good oil film attached to the motorparts, after a period of time When the motoris started again, there will be no wear and tear caused by the non-lubricated start. (); 6 fully synthetic motor oil has better anti-aging stability, anti-emulsification and anti-foaming properties; 7 The motorefficiency of fully synthetic motor oil will be higher (it is better to use a fully synthetic motor oil to save fuel); 8 Fully synthetic motor oil is more expensive than semi-synthetic motor oil (the actual driving cost is not high relative to the oil change interval). Fully synthetic motor oils have superior performance in fully synthetic motor oils because of their high quality base oils and excellent additives. We all say that the price is one point. We buy a trolley. Whether it is a home commute or a company purchase, there are no tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars. The car is also a luxury category to some extent. So after understanding the properties of the three lubricants, are you still willing to use poor quality motor oil for your car? For ordinary families, the proportion of a car in the family property is very important, you are willing to use it every day. Does the motorincrease wear and burn more oil?
    Jun 13