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  • Aggisxjetl Danfoss Motor Description - Car Motor Cushion Function The Danfoss Motor states that when the motor is working, the piston will reciprocate, the cylinder will burn and its moving parts will vibrate. If the motor is directly connected to the chassis, the chassis will also vibrate. Will affect the handling and comfort of the car. Therefore, install a damping pad between the car motor and the chassis so that the vibration of the motor is transmitted to the chassis as little as possible. The working principle utilizes the elastic deformation of the damping pad to absorb the vibration generated by the motor.
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  • Linsheng,Ltd Linsheng : What Is The Relationship Between Humidity And Air Compressor? linsheng stated: "The humidity of the air is reformed with the air state. When the air is compressed, its temperature rises and the relative humidity decreases. When the compressed air expands, the temperature of the air decreases, and its relative humidity increases. Usually there will be water from which to precipitate."   If the air contains too much water, it has the following effects on the compressor:   1. The moisture in the air narrows the compressed air passage and increases the resistance to air flow;   2. affecting the volumetric efficiency of the gas;   3. It is not conducive to the compression of the machine, so that the compression equipment and the pneumatic machine are subjected to hydraulic impact. If the cooler and the cylinder store a large amount of water, it will cause a machine damage accident;   4. The moisture in the air is very corrosive, which makes the compression equipment and the pneumatic machinery easy to rust and shorten the service life;   5. The moisture in the gas is mixed with the lubricating oil during the compression process, which will reduce the lubricating efficiency and increase the abrasion of the machine. In the filler which is lubricated by the rubber, not only the sealing is bad but also the lubricating oil is deteriorated;   6. One cubic meter of wet air (ie, gas molecular density) is less than the same volume of dry air. At the same time, most of the water vapor is condensed after the compressed air passes through the cooler gas storage tank and the pipeline, so the production capacity for the weight calculation is reduced;   7. The air supply system contains water. When the temperature is lower than 0 degree, the water will freeze on the inner wall of the air duct. Similarly, the diameter of the pipe is reduced. What is worse is that sometimes even the individual pipes are completely frozen, which hinders the individual sections. work. Therefore, the quality of compressed air depends not only on its pressure, but also on its humidity.
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