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  • china American Sewing Association Takes You Through The Knitted Mattress Fabric Let's take a look at the charm of fabric art with the manufacturer of Rongli knitted mattress fabric: They come from all walks of life in all regions, including Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Riverview, Sun City Center and Brandon. They unite to pursue a common obsession: the art of sewing. Knitted mattress fabric Their projects include making adult clothing, fashion, wallets, doll clothes, pillowcases, baby clothes, wool dolls and baby blankets, as well as art quilts to commemorate veterans. Who are they? They are the talented women of The American Sewing Guild, a national non-profit organization dedicated to supporting sewing enthusiasts across the United States. With more than 125 chapters and nearly 1,000 community groups sponsoring sewing activities in the local community, ASG can provide needles and yen for anyone. “This is a lifelong benefit we like to share,” said Martha Collins of MiraBay, president of ASB's local chapter East Bay/Brandon. The current membership is 130, which was split from the growing Tampa Bay branch. “Our members like the friendship and friendship they get through ASG,” she said. "There is no other similar thing." “We are like a group of grown up little girls,” said Cindy Falck of Apollo Beach, who likes to sew dolls and baby clothes. “I just recently liked to make an Easter dress for my new grandfather. Nothing can make me happier.” Dorothy Sparks, a winter resident of Kings Point in Sun City Center, agreed. “Many of us started with 4-H, and now we are like adult 4-H-ers,” she said. She likes community awareness as an ASG member. “I started sewing as a need,” she said. “Because I am short, I can't find a dress that suits me. Now it's no longer needed, it's my passion.” ASG chapters come in all sizes - larger chapters usually sponsor quarterly chapter special events, with local or national speakers, member fashion shows or professional seminars. Smaller chapters may be formed because they have a common interest, such as quilting or doll clothes. The above is compiled by Rong Li woven mattress fabric manufacturer, for reference only.
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  • mklyk 常见的砂轮问题:问题1:易于使用细粒砂轮将镜面磨削成精细的表面粗糙度。细粒砂轮间隔较窄,碎屑容易堵塞磨粒之间的间隙,造成堵塞。有必要经常修整砂轮以修复碎屑,导致12英寸切割轮磨削效率降低。问题2:发烧灼伤与堵塞有关。当砂轮的孔隙被堵塞时,热量不能被适当地排出,这将导致研磨温度过高,并且砂轮和工件可能已经烧伤。问题3:易产生划痕细粒砂轮的切削力不如粗力,并且耐磨性高。在这种情况下,强力运转刀与上述碎屑和高温一起容易在研磨工件上留下磨蚀痕迹,造成划痕。问题4:易于产生振动如上所述,细粒度的研磨阻力高,并且这种阻力放大了研磨机的振动并且在研磨结果上再现。在镜面研磨中,这种冲击痕迹可以非常明显。问题5:磨削率低,尺寸控制困难磨削阻力加上磨床的振动会导致磨料对工件的冲击过大,造成大的破碎和落砂。砂轮消耗大,磨削率低,磨削精度不易控制,平坦度受到影响。为了保持每个被磨削工件的精度和表面粗糙度,磨削过程的可重复性非常重要,每个磨料人都应该追求。再现性与砂轮,设备和环境等条件有很大关系。烧伤。问题3:易产生划痕细粒砂轮的切削力不如粗力,耐磨性高。在这种情况下,强力运转刀与上述碎屑和高温一起容易在研磨工件上留下磨蚀痕迹,造成划痕。问题4:易于产生振动如上所述,细粒度的研磨阻力高,并且这种阻力放大了研磨机的振动并且在研磨结果上再现。在镜面研磨中,这种冲击痕迹可以非常明显。问题5:磨削率低,尺寸控制困难磨削阻力加上磨床的振动会导致磨料对工件的冲击过大,造成大的破碎和落砂。砂轮消耗大,磨削率低,磨削精度不易控制,平整度受到影响。为了保持每个被磨削工件的精度和表面粗糙度,磨削过程的可重复性非常重要,每个磨料人都应该追求。再现性与砂轮,设备和环境等条件有很大关系。
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