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    By 2018 Governor Cuomo announced that 20,500 street lamps will be converted to Led Public lighting(CLASSIC)
    in 2025. The initiative will reduce...  more
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    Two problems with Led Public lighting(CLASSIC)

    The incandescent bulb has a color temperature of 2400K, which means it contains much less blue,...  more
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    The construction industry has entered an era of controllable quality and controllable scale. The modernization process of the construction industry has made a qualitative leap, and it is also facing a more arduous test.Today we will talk about the advanta...  more
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    Reasonable Selection And Proper Installation Of Inline Closure
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    At present, the domestic beverage industry is fiercely competitive. Many well-known enterprises have turned their attention to the packaging of plastic bottles while improving the quality of their products. In order to better meet the individual needs of ...  more
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    The Gardenirvana Expandable Water Hose is perhaps among the best expandable garden hose available in the market currently. To begin, expandable garden hoses are causing ripples in the gardening hoses market due to their accrued benefits and ease of use.
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    Since 2017, the Korean Land and Real Estate Corporation (LH) has been planning to install Led Public lighting(CLASSIC)
    in all LH apartments, an...  more
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    Fiber Optic Splice Closure Can Be Mounted On The Antenna
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    Solar led street light(CLASSIC)
    can also provide directional lighting, reduce lig...  more
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    China's vision of “new urbanization” promises to build a people-oriented energy-saving, environmentally friendly, livable and smart city. But to create this new infrastructure requires not only good technology but also intelligent management. Investing in...  more