115*1*22 cutting disc application prospects?

  • Why do many users now choose to use 115*1*22 cutting disc? Why is this kind of cutting disc popular with users? Which scenes dose 115*1*22 cutting disc apply to?

    The dicing sheet is usually mainly a resin abrasive material which is made of a chemical synthetic fiber fabric as an additive material, and has high tensile strength, impact resistance and bending strength, and has high line speed in use. Grinding wheels are often installed on electric and pneumatic sanders. They can repair various metal surfaces, clean welds, welds, rust, sand burrs, flash edges, repair surface defects and workpiece grooving and cutting work. . The grinding wheel is efficient and safe, and is suitable for chemical, shipbuilding, machinery, automobile, construction and other industrial sectors.

    Small size cutting piece, can be installed in electric angle grinder, large size cutting piece, can be installed in profile cutting machine. A cutting type thickened explosion-proof resin grinding wheel, which is not easy to crack and burst when used, has high strength, can be used for grinding and polishing various workpieces, and can be used for cutting workpieces or materials, and the thickness of the grinding wheel body is 3~10 layers of elastic layer, each layer is 5~6mm thick, the layer is an abrasive layer between layers, and there are reinforcing ribs distributed along the radial direction. The outer diameter of the wheel body is Φ200~Φ400mm, the thickness is 15~60mm, and the inner diameter is Φ25~32mm; the elastic layer is glass fiber or nylon fiber filament sheet, the overall stability and strength are improved, the noise is reduced, the dust is reduced, the safety feeling is enhanced, the wear resistance is greatly improved, the cost is low, and the structure is simple, so Has a wide range of applicable prospects.