How to choose the better quality T41 4 inches cutting disc size

  • With the development of the market, the size of the T41 4 inches cutting disc size has become a more common cutting disc for users. With the development of technology, the requirements for the quality of the cutting disc are getting higher and higher, so how do users choose the quality? What is the size of a good T41 4 inches cutting disc size?

    First determine the material to be cut, cut the width of the stone joint, select the suitable cutting piece, and then confirm the thickness of the stone to adjust the height of the cutting piece; then use the wooden line to pull the line, the cutting machine cuts the stone seam cis, if the cutting section has Zigzag scratches, please change the new cutting piece immediately, and finally use the vacuum cleaner to clean the garbage, then use a semi-wet towel to remove the dust, wait for about half an hour, then you can fill the seam with the adjusted stone sealant. Processing end

    How do we choose a better quality cutting piece?

    1. It can be used for good grinding and cutting efficiency without filling.

    2, moderate flexibility can be applied to the grinding and cutting operations of curved work.

    1. At the same time of work, the burrs of the working surface are removed, and the working surface is smoothed.

    4, with air cooling effect, can significantly avoid the phenomenon of heating and burning on the working surface.

    5, safe, sharp, wear-resistant, no heat, no burning, power saving, labor saving, time saving, high efficiency and economical and practical

    6, to meet the customer's requirements for non-standard, can be customized according to the customer's drawings or samples of various non-standard