Factors affecting the development of China grinding disc manufa

  • With the development of technology and the demand for production, the use of grinding discs is increasing, but although the market share is getting bigger and bigger, the grinding disc market is getting worse and worse. So what is affecting the development of China grinding disc manufacturer?

    First, the sharp decline in the raw materials of the grinding discs caused the cost of chemical products to collapse, and plastics were not spared.

    Second, the domestic ethylene production capacity, especially the coal-to-olefin production capacity, has increased substantially, and the material self-sufficiency rate has gradually increased, which has weakened the bargaining power of petrochemical enterprises.

    Third, third, the domestic economic growth rate has declined, material demand has shrunk, and the supply shortage problem in the past has been alleviated. At present, the impact of cost on material prices is greater than the contradiction between supply and demand, and cost factors have become the main factors affecting material prices.

    The lack of manpower in the material processing industry, the economy is not smooth, the people engaged are relatively lacking. Nowadays, due to the sluggishness of material companies, many companies are in a state of non-profit or loss at all times, which greatly dampens the enthusiasm of the company.