How does the 4 inches China grinding disc factory recommend ext

  • In the whole machine of the grinding disc, the main function of the bearing is to play a supporting role, which can make the shaft and the hole cooperate, and can bear the radial load. However, when the machine is used daily, the bearing damage often occurs. Once the bearing damage occurs, the grinding disc cannot directly operate normally. Therefore, it is very necessary to do the maintenance work of the bearings of the EVA mill. Today, the 4 inches China grinding disc factory will explain to you how to extend the life of the grinding disc bearing.

    Before doing maintenance work on bearings, first of all, what is the cause of bearing wear?

    1, the bearing works at high strength, the friction is large, causing serious wear. This is the main reason for the wear of the reel bearings. The solution is to add lubricants at appropriate time to reduce the friction between the bearings.

    1. The fatigue on the bearing is high. The reason for the high fatigue of the reel bearing is mainly due to the long-term operation of the disc shaft, and the maintenance is not performed in time, which will directly cause deformation and aging of the bearing. Therefore, proper control of the machine's work is a major means of maintaining the bearings.

    2. The bearing is contaminated. When users use the machine, they often have such problems. Because of the influence of the machine processing environment, the dust of some materials enters the bearing. When the bearing is running, it will directly rub with these impurities, which greatly increases the number of The degree of wear of the bearing.