What are the tips for selling high quality cutting discs?

  • With the development of the machinery industry in the future, more and more cutting disc companies have begun to enter this market. Many companies have begun to update their product technology, hoping to develop more products that are more suitable for the development level of the machinery industry at that time. Especially the tips for the selection of high quality cutting discs? So what are the selection techniques high quality cutting disc for sale?

    Tips for selecting a cutting wheel

    The choice of high-quality cutting discs must first be observed. Good uniformity and no cracks are the basic appearance of high-quality grinding discs; the lower the static unbalance value of any grinding wheel, the better the production difficulty; The general rule of grinding is that the amount of iron to be removed is small, the wear is low, the grinding wheel is too hard, the amount of iron to be removed is too large, the material is too poor, the quality of the inner quality is as little as possible, the maximum amount of iron removed, and the hand feels good; For cutting carbon steel, stainless steel profiles require the use of a higher hardness of the grinding wheel will greatly improve the life.