Calling on Sponsors

  • Let me explain.

    No, I am not afraid to call executives, I have never met- and ask for 10's of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to support a project. I know that what I build has tremendous value- and I am offering to make a difference for this company. To grow their brand in an arena they would have otherwise missed- and to do it far cheaper than they would otherwise been able to do, to a group of consumers who may buy from them 'til the end of their days.

    How do I bring myself to do it? Because I am not lying. That's why. When you lie, or lack confidence in what you know, you stumble, you stammer- and you don't call.

    Many people have no intention of being dishonest, however they still don't call. This is solely due to their lack of confidence in the program they are pitching.

    I love Disney's movie "Ratatouille" - which speaks to the heart of us all by telling us "Anyone Can Cook!". In the end, you realize that not everyone can cook, but a cook can come from anywhere—so can a team owner, a well sponsored athlete, a charity organizer or a great promoter. But, in order to be that guy (gal) you have to understand the business of marketing.

    What is a corporate marketing budget and what is the money allocated for? For what function? I know you are sitting here expecting me to answer that question. That's your job.
    When you start to dig into the answer, I'll bet you have a small "Ah-hah" moment about the value of your own projects.

    Once you've done your quick internet search and read the mind-numbingly boring sales jargon, now ask yourself... What's the last purchase I made? What moved you to buy THAT product. How did it happen for you?

    I know exactly why you buy the most popular energy drinks, sodas and sport your industry t-shirts. I also know that often times, you are not buying the BEST product out there, or supporting the most ethical company-—because you never knew you had other options.

    So... think about how you can help change the landscape by introducing new companies, and new products into your fan's queue of possibilities. And get on the phone with the companies you want to see supporting your sport. And this time, speak with confidence because you really get it —and you know you have the resources to make it happen for them.