The word that kills my sales pitch,drives me to push forward




    I have been involved in many forms of motorsports throughout the years and there is one word  that follows me wherever I go. The very word that Andy Granatelli used to change the motorsports industry so very long ago is the same one that seems to make prospective companies look at me like I am selling Ebola, the word is SPONSORSHIP.  In an effort to reduce the cloud of negativity that surrounds me when reaching out to a prospect, I have been  forced to change the word "SPONSORSHIP" in all of my presentations to " Marketing Partnership."  Now they just look at me like I am  selling the common cold - I guess that's an improvement, right? 

    The next challenge that I have been faced with all to often made me feel like Goldie locks and the 3 bears - I was told that my programs were either  "too big,  too small" or just plain " crazy"  for what they were looking to do. Since we own and operate a USF1 Formula Light race team "aka Tunnel Boats" we are an oddball in the motorsports marketing world - unique is a good thing!  Again, this has pushed me to make changes to our marketing offerings  that will accommodate ANY company at ANY budget. This is where I started to think that I would have to "give away" valuable advertising real estate just to get a national brand to work with us.  By doing this, how do I  allow our organization to still financially operate on all cylinders and represent the client to the fullest extent?

    I have a solution! I added more real estate by forming a marketing  alliance with 2 other teams  which not only added 3 boats to our fleet but also brought a wealth of resources to all of us. Now I can sell more real estate at a lower price while at the same time I am lowering my overhead.   The first team had ties to a graphics company who agreed to supply all graphics at cost and the second team has the best in house engine program in the series.

    These proactive improvements are all great but, I still have one problem - I'm still selling the common cold, well at this point maybe it's more like the sniffles. Now, it's late in the off-season and I need to get all of our new marketing partners secured by late February  - this is where it hits me,why have I put all of this work and countless hours into motorsports marketing? All the  demographics, CPM, SEO, activation, social media, corporate research- on and on and on!  I'm DONE trying to sell  "sponsorships" and "marketing partnerships"

    Even though we don't offer sponsorship any longer, I do have a great program available to national and regional brands for 2016.  We now offer something that no one else offers.  


    Hurry, there are only a few left!

    *Please contact Chris Swanson for additional info