80/20 Mentality - What is it?

  • Written by Steve Connerton


    80/20, what is it? You may be thinking that this is a ratio of percentage, and if you are, you are correct. 80/20 is something that I have been preaching since I have become a member of NationExtreme. I think it best explains the mentality of all extreme/action athletes that strive for excellence, but it is much more than that. 


    I feel that everything we do on a skateboard, a bike, a surfboard or whatever you ride, you accept the fact that you are going to fail more than you are going to succeed. You accept this, and at times, you absolutely hate it, but overtime you embrace it. I think this is a trait that most don't carry, and it sickens me when any of these sports are given a bad name by society, but we will save that for another day.


    Overtime, I feel that accepting failure 80% of the time in exchange for success 20% of the time changes who you are as a person. It opens your eyes to things that you never though were achievable. It allows you to constantly fall in life, but have the ability to pick youself back up. It's a beautiful thing to be honest, and it is the way that I live my life every single day.


    See, it doesn't matter if we are talking about an extreme sport here people. You can apply this mentality to everyday life. I am not saying go out and fail at life 80% of the time, just accept and embrace failure and don't run from it. I know many people that have, and I feel that they will grow old some day and all the what ifs will set in. Even if you accept failing 51% of the time to succeed the other 49%, you still are not running from failure.


    We all know that we are not perfect, so failure is something that has to be accepted because without it, we cannot achieve greatness. So what is the 80/20 mentaility? It's a way of life, it's setting goals and achieving them, it's not being scared of failure, it's being yourself and chasing your dreams, it's about not letting anything stop you from achieving greatness, it's what I learned on a skateboard and will never forget.


    I dedicate this article to this dude.