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  • 20 Years ago

    Written by Steve Connerton   20 years ago this classic came out. This is one of my favorite parts from my youth. Props to one of the best filmers in the industry, Dan Wolfe, on the HD remastering of Donny Barley's part from Eastern Exposure 3: Underachievers.  
  • 80/20 Mentality - What is it?

    Written by Steve Connerton   80/20, what is it? You may be thinking that this is a ratio of percentage, and if you are, you are correct. 80/20 is something that I have been preaching since I have become a member of NationExtreme. I think it best explains the mentality of all extreme/action at...
  • An Ode to the Originator

    Written by Steve Connerton   This is a long overdue ode to someone that I have looked up to as a person, a skater, a visionary, a scholar and anything else that I may have missed, since a young age. I am talking about the originator of modern skateboarding as we know it. I am talking about ...
  • Featured Brand - Mavric Worldwide

    Mavric Worldwide   Mavric Worldwide is an independent lifestyle brand established in twenty15. The brand is the creation of graphic designer Alex and girlfriend Kirsty. Inspired by typography, vintage Americana, street art and skateboarding, the brand name MAVRIC, (an alternative spelling o...