To all of the incredible athletes on NationExtreme

  • All of you are incredible at what you do. Over the last week we have decided on a new theme for NationExtreme which we will be implementing over the next few days. It'll make the site look a little more clean and the functionality will be easier for everyone. We have about 25 more beta members that will be signing up in the coming weeks as well as 6 brands and retailers. These are just beta members. We have a pre registration list of thousands of athletes and brands/retailers from all over the world. You were all selected for beta because you are great at what you do. We will also be implementing a "Founding Member" tag. All of our beta members will have a founding member tag on their profiles which will show everyone on NationExtreme that you were one of the first members on this site. Keep shredding! I'm loving the material so far.