Almost There

  •      You all have been a huge help in the beta testing of NationExtreme. I'm proud to say that we are finally almost there. We still have a few bugs that are currently being worked on. For example, when you are viewing a member profile, some of their information is jumbled together or cut off. The users profile picture on their activity feed and their name are also not seperated and are cluttered together. 

         Some of the information on a users profile is too small. The About Me and User Info section are in desperate need of some redesign. Those two sections will most likely be combined. We also noticed that when you have updates to be read, the number of updates only goes away when you click "Mark all as read". That will be fixed where your number of updates will lower after you click on them.  

         Another issue is the infamous social media bar. The social media bar is a rogue ninja and we have dispatched a team of counter ninjas to handle it. We are redesigning posts so that you can share everything you post to social media right from your wall. 

         A lot of you have been very active in reporting these bugs to us and we cannot thank you enough. This is the whole point behind beta testing. Your opinions are valued and we want to make NationExtreme perfect for every user. 

         All of your opinions are welcome and we want to hear what you think. You can email us, message us or call us at any time and we will be here. We are adding more brands and athletes every day and we are insanely pumped to see where this goes!


    You guys rock. Keep up the good work and keep shredding. 



    For technical issues or for any questions or concerns from athletes please email [email protected] or [email protected] or call 732-232-7920

    If you are a business with any questions or concerns please email [email protected] or call 908-278-8286