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Gear Pump Manufacturers - Gear Pump Maintenance Considerations
Gear pumps require a good, rugged installation, PRV to protect the pump from overpressure and to ensure a clean liquid. Bearings with outer bearings require lubrication of the bearings. Mechanical seals introduce a range of problems, and if possible, choose a pump that does not use them. If a
mechanical seal is installed, the shaft must be operating normally and the process pressure and flow are stable and will not fluctuate drastically to make uneven loading of the bearings and gear teeth.
Gear teeth must not be dry. Unlubricated teeth rub together and wear out. If these pumps are dry and the temperature rises, the gears will expand and begin to rub on the housing. This will tear the outer shell and teeth. The pump is broken or the precision housing clearance is lost, allowing for recirculation within the pump. The best protection against dry running is to install a flow switch in the suction line to shut off the pump when there is no flow.
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